a movement promoting radical social change

Our Movement aims to promote radical social change by catalyzing the emergence of resilient societies. It is dedicated towards reclaiming, expanding and enriching public services by producing a wide variety of free and open-source software.

The movement's principal focus is to help transcend the current socioeconomic system that is rapidly debasing the planetary life support system, thus putting humanity on a self-terminating trajectory. Our goal is to support progressive governments, both at local and national level, with pragmatic and radical technological solutions for economic and social progress.


Our contribution spans from digitization of public institutions to more radical measures such as local currencies or various economic networks. Below is a list of some of the projects we intend to develop.

We anticipate developing applications using distributed technologies, specifically HolochainHolochain is a DLT framework for writing fully distributed peer-to-peer applications. It is free and open-source software built by Metacurrency Project, embracing technologies that strengthen our social fabric by distributing power and wealth.

Sharing economy:


Production economy:




All projects made by Our Movement will be Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)free as in speech and beer, and their source code will be licensed under an OSI-approved license.


Funding for the movement will come from a few platforms that generate economic activity as part of the sharing economy and gift economy. These platforms utilize ‘<1% Transaction Fee’ business modelthis is a temporary measure and the transaction fees will be dropped once the movement becomes sustainable through donations — fully embracing the gift economy, and are wholly owned by a non-profit organization called Our Foundation — which exists solely as a mechanism to institutionally support the movement. Those funds are then used to also develop other projects that do not have business models.


In the past two years we have completed the construction of an alternative office space, a permaculture farm and intentional community called RatPark. If interested in the project, or to get in touch with us, please send us a message on Twitter.


For updates we recommend you follow @ourmovement_org on Twitter.

This case study is a living document which means it is a work in progress, not completed yet and is being updated. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 — unless otherwise noted.