a movement promoting radical social change by catalyzing the emergence of resilient societies

Our Movement is a movement aiming to promote radical social change by catalyzing the emergence of resilient communities. It's dedicated towards: reclaiming, expanding and enriching the commons — by producing a wide variety of free and open-source state-of-the-art software, that benefits the whole of humanity and the substrate we depend upon.

Movement's principal focus is to help transcend the system that is rapidly debasing the planetary life support system, thus putting humanity on self-terminating trajectory. Specifically transcend its core domains: the sense making and choice making systems, and the economic system — that by design will incentivize and nourish pro-social behavior, that is an innate part of our nature.

Funding for the movement comes from a few platforms that generate economic activity as part of sharing economy and gift economy. These platforms embody <1% transaction fee business modelthis is a temporary measure and the transaction fees will be dropped once the movement becomes sustainable through donations — fully embracing the gift economy, and are wholly owned by a non-profit organization called Our Foundation — which exists solely as a mechanism to institutionally support the movement. Those funds then are used to also develop other projects that don't have a business model.


The problem





Below is a list of projects that the movement is ideating for the moment:


This project is still in the ideation stage. Any input is more than welcome.

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